Is Dental Sedation Safe for Children?

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Dental sedation has been a very reliable method in improving the experiences of children who visit the dentist. Whether its to calm anxiety, prevent panic attacks, sedation offers many benefits in its application. Our dental staff is also experienced in administering and monitoring sedation in children so you can guarantee a professional and gentle experience when you walk through our doors. 

Our dentist in Converse, Dr. Alexander Ferdkoff, took the time to answer some common concerns that parents have raised regarding sedation dentistry in children.

What Sedative Options are Available?

We offer several different types of sedation that are all equally suited to kids.

  • Nitrous oxide – This involves placing a mask over the nose and instructing your child to breathe in sweet-smelling fumes. This sedative helps relax your child quickly so that they can be more comfortable during their treatment. Once the mask is removed, the sedative effects are quickly dissipated.
  • Oral sedation – This involves your child taking a pill which helps bring about relief in those with anxiety
  • IV Sedation – This option is good for children who are undergoing more complex treatments and may need to be in a sleep-like state to receive proper care.

How is Sedation Safe For Kids?

Dental sedation is safe for all ages but we take extra care to carefully administer and monitor the application of sedation in children. We balance this by personally crafting sedation to your child’s particular needs and will review and discuss any medical information prior to recommending sedation. Every parent that walks through our doors can feel secure and confident in knowing that sedation is entirely safe and effective for children.

Do Some Kids Benefit More From Sedation Dentistry?

All children can benefit from dental sedation! Dental sedation can also benefit children who have special needs as it can sometimes be difficult for them to sit still. If your child is coming in for more invasive treatment, we may recommend undergoing sedation in order to make the procedure more comfortable for them. You can always rest assured that sedation is safe for your child, and we are here to answer questions you may have regarding sedative options.

Questions? Contact Converse Dentistry

Dr. Alexander Ferdkoff and his team are experienced in providing sedation dentistry in Converse, TX. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming treatment please don’t hesitate to contact Converse Dentistry! We want all of our patients to feel safe and secure prior to walking through our doors!