Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Elderly Patients?

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Dental sedation is effective in calming panic attacks, curbing anxiety, and relaxing patients during treatment. While sedation is a tested, safe, and reliable option for all ages, our dentist in Converse Dr. Ferdkoff has heard patients ask about the safety of sedation with patients who are elderly. Bel

How Do Seniors Benefit From Sedation?

Because fears and phobias of the dentist can affect any patient regardless of their age, elderly patients who undergo dental sedation will get the same benefits in treating anxiety, panic attacks, or discomfort as everyone else.

In addition to these benefits, elderly patients who may suffer from conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s may face difficulty in receiving treatment or keeping to their dental care schedule. Because of this, seniors may benefit from the relaxing effects of sedation so that they can get their dental work done more easily at our office.

Because sedative ingredients are administered according to weight and patient needs, our team will work to ensure that you or your elderly relative receive the proper administration of sedation. We will also work to determine your viability or what type of sedation would best suit you based on your prior medical history.

What Sedative Treatments Do You Offer Seniors?

We offer several different types of sedation that are all equally suited to seniors.

  • Nitrous oxide – This involves placing a mask over the nose and inhaling the fumes to bring about relaxation prior to treatment. Effects should also dissipate promptly once the mask is removed from the patient.
  • Oral sedation – This involves ingesting a pill to bring about relief for anxiety or panic
  • IV Sedation – This treatment is typically associated with more complex treatments and may require the patient to be in a sleep-like state to receive proper care.

Questions? Contact Converse Dentistry

Dr. Alexander Ferdkoff and his team are experienced in providing sedation dentistry in Converse, TX. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming treatment please don’t hesitate to contact Converse Dentistry! We want all of our patients to feel safe and secure prior to walking through our doors!