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Adult Dentistry

Your smile is an important part of your health and appearance. Caring for it takes time and effort, but it is worth the investment. At Converse Dentistry, it is our mission to make it simple and pleasant for our adult patients to get the dental treatments they need. We offer a comfortable, soothing atmosphere with amenities to make your visits enjoyable and provide you with expedient, personalized care.


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Our office at Converse Dentistry is designed to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable when you come in for your dental treatments. We provide amenities to make you feel at ease. Enjoy our beverage station and internet bar while you wait for your appointment. Within the treatment room, lay back and relax with a pillow, blanket, and access to Netflix on a flat-screen TV. These amenities are for your enjoyment while we provide excellent care for your smile.


Time is a valuable commodity. At Converse Dentistry, we understand how busy you are and make accommodations to fit your needs. We offer convenient scheduling options to fit into your lifestyle. Come in early or late, whatever is your preference. We have extended hours from 7 am to 7 pm throughout the week to make it easier for you to get the dental care you need.

Dental Technology

Our investment in innovative dental technology allows us to provide our patients with an exceptional dental experience. We utilize current technology in imaging, diagnostics, and pain relief to offer our patients the best dental care available. Intraoral cameras, painless injections, shot-free fillings, and 3D imagery are just some of the latest dental innovations we use to give our patients the highest level of dental care available.

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