Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Cleanings - Converse, TX

Nov 01, 2018

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Excellent oral health can be secured by practicing proper dental hygiene at home and by seeing the dentist regularly. The procedure that most dental professionals recommend is teeth cleanings.

Tips on How to Effectively Whiten the Teeth in Converse, TX

Oct 01, 2018

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Teeth whitening proves to be one of the most in-demand procedures that both ordinary people and even celebrities avail for brighter smiles.

A Brief History of Teeth Extraction - Converse, TX

Sep 03, 2018

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Know the history behind the procedure that helps alleviate the dental pain and discomfort for better overall health and wellness - Tooth extraction!

Achieve Invisalign Success with these Tips! - Converse, TX

Aug 01, 2018

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The latest advances in the field of Orthodontics can now provide more comfortable and convenient teeth straightening compared to conventional methods. It can even appear visually pleasing by providing a more discreet appearance that is ideal for teens and adults alike.

Fascinating Facts About Dental Implants! - Converse, TX

Jul 02, 2018

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A Dental Implant procedure is performed by a dentist to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. It is an alternative to traditional dentures, but it does not merely fill in the spaces, it provides a more durable and stable restoration compared to other treatments. An Implant is shaped like a screw that is surgically placed on the patient’s jaw bone to serve as the root/s of the missing teeth. It can hold dental prostheses like crowns, bridges, or dentures that would act as the replacement for the missing teeth.

Sedation Dentistry in Converse TX for your Comfort And Relaxation

Jun 01, 2018

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Feeling a little anxious during dental treatments is common, on the contrary there are patients who experience excessive fear, anxiety, and even panic attacks. The fear could trigger even with the thought of going to a dental office, sitting on a dental chair, seeing the dental equipments, and meeting the dentist. Patients with this phobia would tend to do everything to avoid the appointment which can be bad for their dental health. Thanks to innovation in dentistry, Converse Dentistry now offers Sedation Dentistry to help patients remain calm during dental treatments so that they may be able to receive the necessary treatments.

Complete your Smile with Restorative Dentistry, Converse TX

May 10, 2018

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Restorative Dentistry includes comprehensive treatments to diagnose, prevent, and treat common oral diseases that patients have. Restorative Dentistry treats decayed, chipped, cracked, discolored or even missing teeth to enhance its functionality and aesthetic value. The teeth experiencing these traumas and damage requires restorative dental care. At Converse Dentistry, we provide quality restorative dental services that are permanent including Dental Crowns and Dental Implants.

What is a DentalVibe? - Converse, TX

Apr 14, 2018

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Fear of dental procedures can get in the way of making sure that your Dental Health is well taken care of. Dental fear, Anxiety, Phobia does not only affect children but adults as well making it much harder for their dental concerns to be brought to a dentists attention. We at Converse Dentistry have the safety and comfort of our patients in mind by providing outstanding dental experience for all ages with the help of a comfort injection technique called DentalVibe.

It’s The Little Things That Can Make A Big Dental Difference

Jan 04, 2018

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Happy New Year from our entire team at Converse Dentistry. We are honored to serve you in 2018, as we continue to provide you with excellent dental care in a caring and soothing environment. We know that each thing, big or small, makes a big difference when it comes to your dental care.

Joy And Peace!

Dec 05, 2017

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his season is filled with joy! The lights, gifts, songs, cozy sweaters and Santa all usher in an undeniable sense of joy. Even if you’re in the midst of some hard times, there’s something about this holiday season that lifts your spirits. One of our favorite places to find joy at Converse Dentistry is on children’s faces

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