Dental Bridges

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a durable restoration that can be used to replace a missing tooth in your mouth. Bridges are made to mimic the look and feel of your real teeth. They have both cosmetic and restorative benefits, since you’ll improve your ability to eat and chew foods, while also restoring the look of your smile. Bridges can be beneficial to those who have missing teeth, but aren’t good candidates for dental implants.

Why are Dental Bridges needed?

A bridge is a common solution when you’re completely missing one or more of your natural teeth. The bridge is used to replace the tooth, both improving your smile, in addition to restoring functionality. A typical bridge has three teeth that are a part of it. The two outermost teeth are the anchors attached on either side of the tooth being replaced, and the center part of the bridge contains the pontic, or false tooth. Most bridges last for years, or even decades, without requiring special care beyond normal dental hygiene.

What Are Dental Bridges
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Who is a candidate for Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is often suitable for patients who aren’t good candidates for implants. Dr. Ferdkoff can perform an examination to determine if a bridge is necessary, and assess the benefit it will provide for your smile. Bridges can be placed in virtually any area of the mouth. The longer the bridge, the more unstable it will be, so we may recommend implants for places where a large bridge would be necessary.

What happens during the Dental Bridge procedure?

The procedure will begin with administering a local anesthetic, used to numb the area. Dr. Ferdkoff will then file down the two surrounding teeth to create abutments, or seats, for the new bridge. Impressions are then taken and used to make the actual bridge. A temporary bridge will be put in place, and you will come in for a second appointment for the permanent bridge to be placed. Your new bridge will be adjusted, and filed down to fit your bite and improve comfort. With regular hygiene and care, you can expect your new dental bridge to last for years, or even decades.

If you think you may need a bridge, call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members. We offer extended hours to fit the needs of our patients and their families.