Dentures & Partials

What are Dentures & Partials?

Dentures and partials can help to enhance your smile and improve oral functioning. When you’re missing all of your teeth on one, or both, arches, we’ll recommend a full denture. If you still have some of your natural teeth but are missing a good number, we’ll typically recommend a partial. Both full and partial dentures are made to mimic the look of your natural smile so that they go unnoticed by those around you.

Why would Dentures & Partials be needed?

Both full and partial dentures can be used to enhance your smile, filling in areas of missing dentition. When you’re missing many of your natural teeth, your face and lips may take on a sunken-in appearance. Dentures help to fill in your cheeks and lips so that you look more youthful. Additionally, both prosthetic appliances help make eating and chewing easier and more comfortable for many patients.

Who is a good candidate for Dentures & Partials?

Patients with advanced gum disease may be eligible for full dentures. If the existing teeth are severely decayed or loose, they can be removed, and a denture put into place. With an exam, we can determine if a full or partial denture would be beneficial to your oral health. These appliances are durable, and can last for many years before a replacement is needed.

What happens during the procedure for Dentures & Partials?

The first step will be to take impressions, or molds, of your teeth and mouth. We next determine the size, shape, and color of your teeth to ensure the new prosthesis blends in seamlessly. Our next step is to have the denture made for you by a dental lab, and to schedule you to come in for a fitting once it is complete. Since your comfort in your new appliance is essential, it’s common to need several fittings before the feel of the new denture is just right. You should remove your denture each night to clean and soak it, in an effort to remove bacteria and plaque.

If you think you might benefit from either a full or partial denture, call us today to speak with one of our staff members. Our office offers extended hours, making it convenient to schedule your appointments.