Fluoride Treatments

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments are a great way to keep your teeth healthy and strong. We typically recommend fluoride treatments to our pediatric patients, as a way to protect against tooth decay and other dental problems. However, you’re never too young, or old, to benefit from these treatments. While fluoride is found in most dental products and public water sources, these additional treatments can add that extra layer of protection to keep your smile healthy and strong.

Why are Fluoride Treatments needed?

Fluoride treatments are often considered necessary if you, or your child, is prone to tooth decay. You may already have a lot of fillings or may have many cavities that need treatment. Additionally, you may not be using a fluoridated toothpaste or drinking fluoridated water. If this describes you, no matter your age, fluoride treatments may be beneficial. Children don’t always have the best brushing and flossing techniques, so fluoride treatments can keep their teeth resilient against decay.

What Are Fluoride Treatments
Who Is A Candidate For Fluoride Treatments

Who is a candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

Most members of your family, including the adults, are good candidates for fluoride treatments. Treatment is quick and easy, taking just seconds in our office. You can request these treatments at any time during your appointment. We will often recommend fluoride treatments for your children, strengthening their smile and preventing early decay.

What happens during Fluoride Treatments?

The first step is to clean and dry your teeth. Liquid fluoride is then brushed onto the teeth. You’ll be told not to eat or drink for about 30 minutes following the procedure. For children, make sure that they aren’t given food or drink for 30 minutes after leaving the office. This ensures the fluoride fully soaks into the teeth and provides the essential protection that you need. We can apply these treatments at all of your family’s appointments as desired or needed.

If you’re thinking of coming into our office for fluoride treatments, or want to know more about the benefits of fluoride for children, call us today to speak with one of our staff members. Our convenient, extended hours make it easier than ever to work your family’s dental care into your busy schedule.